Get a Cost Free No Obligation Quote For Your Minerals

If you are interested in selling all or part of your minerals, get started by contacting Bluerock Minerals. When we receive your request for a quote, the process will begin. We will evaluate your property, determine the highest price and contact you with a no obligation quote.

Many mineral buyers simply make an offer based on limited, often outdated information. This rarely results in a fair offer. Bluerock understands that every property has its specific qualities that determine its highest value and has the experience and expertise to properly evaluate it. We will analyze your oil and gas lease (if the property is leased), review the geology in your area and identify the industry activity in the region to determine the highest value.

During the review, we will have a qualified representative available to meet with you at your convenience to be sure all the pertinent information is supplied and to answer any questions you might have.

Title Review

Prior to closing, a title review is performed on your property to ensure that you have good title. If any title issues are identified, Bluerock will work with you to resolve them.

Prepare a Mutual Agreement

When you accept the offer, we will prepare a letter agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to set out exactly what mineral rights you want to sell, the price you'll be receiving, and the date for closing.


Under most circumstances, we will meet with you in person to provide you with payment in exchange for a mineral deed.