Bluerock Minerals delivers you the highest prices for your oil and gas rights where others simply can’t.

Mineral owners interested in selling their minerals know that all the mineral buyers claim to be able to pay the highest prices.  What makes Bluerock different is that unlike others, our seasoned oil and gas industry team, some of them having over 30 years of experience, are experts in the business and science of oil and gas.  Bluerock Minerals maintains a vast, continuously updated storehouse of information on mineral ownership, oil and gas leases, pipelines, oil and gas industry activity and geology in the Appalachian Basin, particularly in the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  With that understanding and factual information, Bluerock Minerals is able to determine the highest value for your mineral rights where others simply cannot.

Beyond just getting the most value, Bluerock Minerals knows how to effectively and quickly finalize the transaction and get you paid.  Many mineral owners who have made the decision to sell some or all of their minerals are familiar with the frustrations and delays that are often encountered from the buyers.  Bluerock Minerals knows what it takes to get a transaction closed timely. We understand the process and the details of your property, and we make sure that all the steps needed to close are done right the first time.

If you have any interest in selling your oil and gas rights please contact us.  There is no cost or obligation to you and we are sure that even if you decide not to sell, that by contacting Bluerock Minerals you will know more about your property's minerals and their value than you do today.